PVC Reflective Tape for Reflective Safety Clothing

Short Description:

Item number:6401

Material PVC

Thickness :27c-50c

Color:Silver white,Flourescent Yellow and Orange,other color upon request.

Width:2. 5cm.3.8cm. 5.0cm 7cm, other size upon request

Retro-reflection :200-300cdl

Washing:>15circles at 60 degrees

Dry Clean:>5circles

Product Detail

Product Tags

6401 PVC Reflective Tape is widely used for reflective safety clothing, professional uniforms, sportswear, fashion clothing, hats, gloves, backpacks and personal protective equipment, etc., it can also be made into all kinds of reflective products,such as reflective armbands,reflective key rings,reflective signs,reflective stickers,reflective toys.

Specification and Application :


Color Available: Colorized


Spec: Width can be 2. 5cm.3.8cm. 5.0cm 7cm, other size upon request: Printing or special design according to request

Application: ideal for Police Safety Vest, Traffic Safety Vest, Protective Uniforms, Reflective brand LOGO, etc

Physical Performance :


Wash: >15 cycles  at 60℃

Dry Clean: ISO 3175: 1995 Method 9.1, >5 cycles

The above test data is from SGS and SATRA laboratory test of HIGHVIZ received samples, final production will have ±3-5% tolerance, which is acceptable.

Advantages : 

1. Composed of colored micro-prismatic vinyl film back sealed with white PVC sheet.

2. Available in any width and color, with different patterns such as W shape or brick shape.

3. Highly resistant to abrasion, durable and resistant to washing and cold weather. It can provide wearers with high visibility even in wet conditions.

4. Waterproof and dustproof with high reflectivity.

5. Recommended sewing on high visibility clothing, outdoor wear, life vest, bags, shoes etc.

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